Curant Health Designated a Partner in Rare Disease Advocacy

Rare Advocacy Movement is a global, community-based network for patients, families

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The national outcomes-based patient support organization Curant Health has joined rare360, a Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) partnership program that seeks to connect, build up, and protect community-focused industry, academic, and advocacy stakeholders in rare disorders.

“Being a partner with the Rare Advocacy Movement (RAM) and a registered rare360 entity allows us to make an even greater impact in the rare space,” said Michell Butler, Curant Health’s senior director of clinical services, in a press release.

RAM is a global community-based network whose mission is empowering and protecting the interests of the 360 million people thought to be living with a rare condition, chronic and progressive disability, and their families. By establishing rare360 collaborations, it works to address the needs of people with rare diseases, such as aromatic l-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) deficiency, and their caregivers.

Developed by RAM’s Adults Living Rare Initiative, rare360 seeks to establish a community-based, rare-disease ecosystem, in part by using the perspectives, insights, and experiences of patients and caregivers and by upholding the fair market value of rare-disease professionals and experts.

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The program also focuses on speeding up the development of rare disease treatments. The majority of rare disease have no approved therapy. The program is open to “thoroughly vetted” community-focused organizations dedicated to improving patients’ and caregivers’ lives and working with the global rare disease community in what it calls a “compliant and ethical manner.”

Through the program, community-based professionals are able to partner with allies in academia, advocacy, and industry to navigate the rare disease ecosystem.

Curant Health provides distribution and data solutions to improve patient outcomes and patients’ and caregivers’ quality of life. It offers resources for patient management, uses a proprietary process to generate real-world evidence and data, and reports on product suitability and unmet patient needs.

With more than 20 years experience, the Atlanta, Georgia-based organization also reports on side effects and therapeutic interactions, and provides support and feedback to physicians and their teams.

“My clinical team of medical assistants, nurses, and clinical pharmacists provides care that exceeds industry standards to where they become ‘like family’ to our patients by providing actionable and proven results to fill the many gaps these patients/families experience daily,” Butler said.

RAM founder Nadia Bodkin said Curant Health has “gone above and beyond” in collaborating with patients and caregivers to help make the needs of the global rare disease community better understood.

“What makes Curant Health so unique is their team’s sincere determination to not only understand the needs of the rare disease community, but their desire to take action and bring solutions that are meaningful for the people of the real world,” Bodkin said. “We are excited about the opportunity to continue collaborating with Curant Health through the rare360 program.”

“The partnerships and initiatives that will follow with the rare disease community speak to Curant Health’s vision of personalized healthcare driven by choice and defined by value,” Butler said. “This is just the beginning of something amazing and transformational.”