Taking Care of AADC Caregivers

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by Emily Malcolm, PhD |

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Caring for a child with physical and mental disabilities is a full-time job that can be stressful. Parents and caregivers can easily feel out of control and overwhelmed when caring for children with AADC deficiency, a rare developmental disorder that causes delayed mental and physical development.

Therefore, friends and family of caregivers need to be aware of caregiver stress and, if possible, find ways to help and support them. Here are some tips to help:

Learn about AADC deficiency

Starting a conversation about AADC can be difficult. People are often worried about what to say, and whether asking questions will offend. Most parents and caregivers do not mind answering questions, but finding out about the disease first can help make these conversations easier.

Read more about AADC deficiency on our website, AADC News, where we frequently post news, information, and research advancements about the disorder.

Keep in touch

Caregivers often feel isolated, so friends and family members should reach out to them, even if it’s to meet for coffee.

Offer to help

Caring for children with special needs can be difficult. Offer to help, even if it’s something small, such as bringing in mail or posting a letter. Taking over a meal can also be helpful.

Watch for signs of depression

Caregivers are often at a higher risk of depression than others, so be aware of the warning signs, and help caregivers get the resources they need.

Be understanding

Caregivers are under a lot of stress. Try to be understanding of last-minute changes in plans.


Last updated: August 15, 2019


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